I was fortunate to grow up in the epic wilds of Utah and the culturally rich Marin Headlands. An avid skier, climber, traveler, and adventurer, I try to incorporate this natural love of life into every frame. The contrast and similarities between the landscapes, people, colors, and lighting are a foundation for my photographic work. 

I’ve been visually oriented my whole life, seeing details and vignettes that others may not. The world we live in is a collage of photographic moments waiting to be framed. I draw inspiration from the rawness of the Wasatch Mountains, the unforgiving vastness of the Mojave Desert, the vibrancy of the Bay Area, and the untamed and beautiful remoteness of the Alaskan wilderness. Each is unique and moving in its own way. Whether I am on a location shoot or in the studio, I try to incorporate these influences into my work. 

As a commercial photographer, I love the collaborative process of creating great photography. Shooting on location or in a studio, each has its own challenges and benefits. I thrive in both situations. I enjoy bringing together a creative team of models, artists, and stylists to produce an excellent photographic product. I believe in authenticity and try to incorporate an honest look into my work. 

I am currently working out of Denver, Colorado.  

My client list of companies and publications includes:

Balfour Senior Living
Canoe and Kayaking Magazines
Gump’s San Francisco
LA Times
Love of Knitting
Powder and Bike Magazines
Rosy Rings
Serena and Lily
Sundance Catalog
TRG Arts
Welcome, Travel to Costa Rico